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Heart Health Tips: Getting your First Recording
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Get your hands warm

If you live in cold areas, your fingers might not be at the right temperature for accurate measurement of your Pulse Oximetry.

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Luckily the Avidhrt App checks the quality signal before starting to record. If your hands are too cold, you can rub your hands together to warm them up.

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Stay relaxed during the recording

Moving too much might interfere with the recording and show unreadable results. Try to stay still, sit down and relax during the recording.

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Rest your arms on a flat surface

Stay still to increase stability and get better readings while you are taking a recording.

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Click the start button on your Avidhrt Sense App to start your recording.

The app will give you a 5-second countdown to hold the Device. Make sure you hold it during those 5 seconds.

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The right way to place hands on the device

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Hold the Device by placing your fingers along with the finger impressions until the reading is complete. Try not to move while the reading is in progress.

For more information, visit our user manual. 

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