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The Avidhrt Sense also lets you take a quick body temperature measurement using your forehead
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We added this feature if you want to measure only the body temperature. You can get a clinical-grade reading in under six seconds.

Follow these steps to get a body temperature-only reading.

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Open the Avidhrt App.

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Go to the menu and tap “more” You will see an option called “thermometer”, go ahead and tap it.

power - Feather-Icons@3x.png

Turn on your Avidhrt Sense Device.

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Hold the device (with the green light facing you) 1/4 of an inch (1cm) from your forehead and try not to move.

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On the app, press the pink start button to start recording.

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In less than 6 seconds, you will obtain your body temperature.

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For more information, visit our user manual.

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