Avidhrt for Clinicians

Portable and timely ECG recording technology 
for your patients

Why Avidhrt?

Avidhrt is a hand-held, portable, clinical-quality electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG), pulse oximetry (SpO2), and temperature recorder.


Both patients with known or suspected heart conditions and the health-conscious can monitor their heart anywhere at any time and share that data with medical professionals just like you.

Avidhrt Monitoring System consists of

1. Touchless Thermometer

Our integrated touchless thermometer detect your finger temperature and ambient temperature while you take your vital readings. This helps our Machine Learning algorithms to understand your body temperature and room temperature when determining abnormalities.

2. Pulse Oximetry Sensor

Our pulse oximetry sensor helps us to measure your blood oxygen.  This measurement is called your oxygen saturation level. Your heart circulates oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the body.  A normal oxygen saturation reading is typically between 95 and 100 percent. We use oxygen saturation level to detect hypoxia and enhance our ML algorithms to detect other abnormalities

3. ECG Recorder

Using the top and the side stainless steel electrodes we record clinical grade Lead I (RA (-) to LA (+) (Right Left, or lateral)) ECG waveform of your heart. Then we analyze it using our ML model to detect arrhythmias like Atrial Friblirration (AFib) and other cardiac abnormalities.

4. Mobile App

With our easy to use Avidhrt mobile app and Avidhrt Sense device, you can record your vitals anytime anywhere in seconds, get instance ML analysis report and get it to reviewed optionally using one of our on-demand clinicians within 24 hours.

that connects your office to the patient
Record Any Time

Patients can create an ECG recording at a moment's notice without an appoitment

Report and Review

Patient's can send recordings for review or you can pull them right off the web.

Detect Anomalies

Machine Learning platform that identifies anomolies in a patient's recordings.

Medical History

Thousands of recordings can be stored for a patient's medical history.

Disease Prevention

Anomolies are identified and broght to a patient's attention for further review.

Follow Up

Correspond with the patient within the Avidhrt platform. No need for an office visit.

Web Platform

Avidhrt's clinician dashboard provides a comprehensive analysis of patient data and powered by our Machine Learning analysis models that give a state of the art Clinical Decision Support tools.

Avidhrt Clinician Team
Our CEO and Advisors

Dr. Robert Frank MD

Avidhrt, CEO

Prior to Avidhrt, Bob was the CEO & CMO, Wayne State University Physician Group

Keith Golden, M.D.

Board Certified, Cardiology and Electrophysiology, Sacred Heart Hospital

Prof. Kithsiri

Gunawardena, M.D.

Head of Department, Faculty of Medicine at University of Kelaniya

Mark Grise, M.D.

Board Certified, Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, and Endovascular Medicine

Sacred Heart Hospital

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