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The Avidhrt Sense for Clinicians

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Handheld, mobile physiologic monitoring technology for your patients

The Avidhrt Sense is a hand-held, clinical-quality electrocardiogram (Lead I), pulse oximeter and infrared temperature sensor.

The software application can store thousands of recordings on a smartphone or tablet, allowing your patient to maintain a history that can be shared at any time if needed. Additionally, as a caregiver you can remotely monitor your patients via the secure Avidhrt dashboard.

The Avidhrt Sense

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1. Pulse Oximetry Sensor

Our pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation of the blood (spO2) and displays the tracing simultaneously with the ECG tracing on a single screen.

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2. Touchless Thermometer

Our integrated touchless thermometer detects your fingertip temperature and displays core body temperature.

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3. Electrocardiogram

Simply by holding The Avidhrt Sense with two hands your patient will obtain a clinicalgrade Lead I ECG tracing. This is instantly analyzed by our algorithm to detect: 1) normal sinus rhythm 2) tachycardia, 3) bradycardia and 4) atrial fibrillation

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4. Mobile App

The easy to use Avidhrt mobile app is both Android and iOS compatible and will allow you to monitor and review your patients from anywhere in an encrypted, HIPAA compliant environment.

Technology that connects you to your patient
Record Any Time

Patients can create an ECG recording at a moment's notice, increasing diagnostic accuracy, and providing peace of mind.

Report and Review

Patients can share recordings for review or you can review multiple patients via the Avidhrt dashboard..

Detect Anomalies

Our algorithm detects multiple arrhythmias and hypoxia

Medical History

Recordings can be stored by the patient to create a medical record that can be reviewed at any time.

Disease Prevention

Anomalies are identified and brought to a patient's attention for further review.

Follow Up

Correspond securley in a an encrypted, HIPAA compliant environment with the patient within the Avidhrt platform.

Web Platform

The Avidhrt dashboard, powered by our Machine Learning analysis, provides a comprehensive analysis of patient data in an easy to review format to support clinical decision making

Avidhrt Clinician Team
Our CEO and Advisors

Dr. Robert Frank MD

Avidhrt, CEO

Prior to Avidhrt, Bob was the CEO & CMO, Wayne State University Physician Group


Keith Golden, M.D.

Board Certified, Cardiology and Electrophysiology, Sacred Heart Hospital


Prof. Kithsiri

Gunawardena, M.D.

Head of Department, Faculty of Medicine at University of Kelaniya


Mark Grise, M.D.

Board Certified, Cardiology, Interventional Cardiology, and Endovascular Medicine

Sacred Heart Hospital

Monitor Your Heart with the Avidhrt Sense and Never Miss a Beat

Ready to start helping improve
your patient's heart wellness?

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