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Avidhrt is committed to improving the health and safety of our emergency response professionals

It's Time

The services provided by firefighters, first responders and emergency response professionals are priceless.


With over one million firefighters in the United States providing vital, yet dangerous, public safety services, more on-duty firefighters die of heart attacks or Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) than from fire-related burns or smoke inhalation.


The health risks experienced by firefighters are immense. Avidhrt can help.


Many research studies show that CVD accounts for 47 percent of on-duty
firefighter fatalities.

And that on-duty firefighters are twice as likely to suffer CVD-related fatalities compared to all CVD-associated deaths in the United States

What's at Risk

The Solution

Avidhrt First Responders Safety Platform

The Avidhrt First Responders Safety (AFRS) platform is a wearable vitals monitoring system that is both affordable and practical.


Powered by an arrhythmia detection algorithm, the AFRS can be used to detect electrocardiographic (EKG) changes that can potentially identify ischemia, blood pressure response, heart rate recovery, and exercise capacity. Let's see how it works:

AFRS Platform
Feature-packed technology for emergency response professionals
On-duty Firefighters

Wearable smart patch designed to monitor electrocardiogram (EKG), Pulse Oximetry, core body temperature, environmental temperature, and fall detection.

Mobile and Web

Manage firefighter's baseline data, on-duty incident data, and general reports.

Machine Learning

Capable of detecting electrocardiogram
(EKG) changes suggestive of arrhythmias and ischemia.

Clinical Network

Access to an on-demand clinical network for an affordable second opinion.

The Impact

Until now, firefighter health monitoring programs have been cost prohibitive.


Predictive diagnostics have long been restricted to expensive clinical settings, and biometric wearables compliant with fire services equipment standards and guidelines have been costly.


Fire-service organizations who have already implemented similar monitoring technology could realize significant cost savings and operational benefits with to the AFRS platform — offering monitoring, predictive, and analytical components at a significantly lower cost.


CVD makes up 17% of health expenditures in the United States, and firefighters have some of the highest rates of death and injury due to CV events and disease. The Avidhrt First Responders Safety (AFRS) monitoring system would offer the first significant opportunity for real-time predictive monitoring to become available to firefighters, greatly reducing their risk of fatality or injury due to cardiac disease or events.

The AFRS platform has the potential to reduce the monetary and social costs of firefighter mortality and morbidity and address the need for a technology that reduces rates of cardiac events among firefighters.

The AFRS platform research and development made possible by America’s Seed Fund (National Science Foundation) SBIR Phase I grant. We are thankful for NSF ( and our research collaborators. 

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