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Do you know how

the Quality Check

on the Avidhrt Software works?

Avidhrt helps you Check the Signal Quality to ensure accurate results before starting the recording.

Avidhrt Phone copy.png
Capa 1.png

The signal quality checks if:

Group 3@3x.png

Your fingers are properly placed on the Avidhrt Sense Device.

Group 3@3x.png

Your hands are warm enough for a proper Spo2 analysis.

Fill 1@3x.png

You are perfectly still and prepared for the recording.

Group 10@3x.png

There are any other devices interfering with the Avidhrt Sense device signal.

With our Signal Quality step, you can rest assure that your results are being validated with high accuracy.

If your results are different from usual, make sure to contact your doctor. Prevention and early detection save lives.

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