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Avidhrt donates vital monitoring devices to help monitor those who are under COVID-19 quarantine

We all are going through unprecedented times. As a start-up company, we are uncertain about our sales and investments in the coming months and years. But that is not going to stop us from doing the right thing at this time of need. Avidhrt team wants to help countries fight COVID-19, especially by helping to diagnose underline vital issues early on from those who are in quarantine. We donated SLR 1.2 Million worth of Avidhrt Sense devices to the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka. We are working with Health Care authorities in India and Peru to see if there is an urgent need for vital monitoring devices and to donate if needed.

Avidhrt is a US-based health-tech company founded by Dr. Bob Frank (Cardiothoracic Surgeon) and Prabode Weebadde (Serial Entrepreneur). Avidhrt Sense vital monitor is available in Sri Lanka, India, and Peru.


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